About Our Foundation

Our Mission

The Princeton Public Schools Foundation is an independent non-profit organization comprised of citizens committed to the development of enrichment programs and services that make a significant contribution to the quality of public education.

Our Purpose

We accept, solicit, and disburse contributions, gifts, memorials, and bequests from individuals, groups, and businesses to enrich and supplement the educational programs of Princeton High School #500 and Princeton Elementary School District #115.

Princeton Public Schools Foundation serves

Princeton High School in District #500

Douglas School, Jefferson School, Lincoln School and Logan Junior High in District #115


Frequently Asked Questions

How will the funds be spent?

Project proposals will be submitted by the staff members in each school district. Other projects may also be submitted for consideration by the Foundation from individuals, groups, and businesses. Support will be given to projects that enhance, rather than duplicate, existing educational programs.

Is my contribution tax-deductible?

Yes. Your contribution to the Princeton Public Schools Foundation may be treated as a charitable deduction for federal income, gift, and estate tax purposes.

Is the Foundation part of the Board of Education?

No. The Princeton Public Schools Foundation is completely independent from but works in close communication with both Boards of Education. The Foundation draws together businesses, community agencies, and individuals who are interested in improving educational opportunities in Princeton High School District #500 and Princeton Elementary School District #115.

Who determines how the funds will be spent?

Spending decisions will be made by the Foundation leadership, a board of directors made up of local citizens interested in education.

May I designate how my contribution is spent?

Yes. The Foundation will consider both designated and undesignated contributions. The donor may specify projects or endowment funds for Princeton High School District #500 or Princeton Elementary School District #115. Undesignated contributions will be directed by the Board.

Princeton Public Schools Foundation

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