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We're here to make an Impact

The Challenge

Our local schools have been tasked with exceedingly high goals and standards from our State Legislators. Too often these demands are not accompanied by the professional or financial support needed. This creates a strain on a local level.  In our communities.  In our Schools, and if left unchecked effect our most valuable asset.  Our Students.

The Solution

PPSF is here for the children of our community.  We strive to make a real, positive impact on our students lives. This impact can be felt by teachers whom are awarded grant money so they can purchase updated books, technology or assets needed to make a positive impact in our students education. Our students feel the impact as we lessen the burden of crippling student debt with our various scholarships awarded annually.

A person can not truly improve, if he does not help others to improve.
Charles Dickens


Teacher Grants Annually

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